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Cannon Rod Holder [2450169-1]


$13.99 $18.99

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Security Systems

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Speco Tech

Speco 4MP HD-TVI Mini IR Turret w/2.9mm Lens - Grey [HT471TG]

$113.99 $300.00
4MP HD-TVI Mini IR Turret with 2.9mm Lens - GreyMonitor your property with the miniature dark-gray aluminum 4MP Outdoor HD-TVI Mini-Turret Camera with Night Vision from Speco Technologies. Featuring a 4MP CMOS sensor and a 2.9mm fixed lens, this camera...


Garmin OnDeck Relay Switch - 24V [010-13009-07]

$43.99 $49.99
OnDeck™ Relay Switch - 24VControl your vessel remotely using the OnDeck™ Hub and a relay switch. Add up to five switches to your OnDeck Hub to stay in control.Verify that the input power for your OnDeck Hub operates between 15.6 Vdc and 31.2...

T-H Marine Supplies

T-H Marine BANSHEE Alarm Padlock [LB-TLRLCK-DP]

$39.99 $48.45
BANSHEE™ Alarm PadlockProtect Your Boats, Trailers and PropertyThe BANSHEE™ is an alarm-equipped padlock for protecting any valuable item, boat or trailer from theft. When tampered with the alarm "scream like a Banshee" warding off potential...

T-H Marine Supplies

T-H Marine 2-Way Boat Alarm System [TWA-1-DP]

$106.99 $194.85
2-Way Boat Alarm SystemProtects your boat and valuable equipment from theft.Features:Shock Sensor Detects IntrudersAlerts you up to 3000 Yards when ActivatedTwo Way Remote Alerts with Sound, Light & VibrationUp to 3000 Yards Response and 1000 Yards...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Audible Alarm [SM-ACC-ALRM]

Siren Marine Audible AlarmThe Siren Marine audible alarm produces a powerful beeping sound (105 decibels). The alarm can be connected to one of the outputs on the MTC, which will allow it to be turned on and off from the "switching" section of the...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Entry Sensor f/Siren 3 [SM-WLS3-ENTR-917]

Entry Sensor for Siren 3Receive instant notifications if there is unauthorized entry on the boat. Perfect for securing lockers, doors, and hatches. Install the Wireless Module on one side of the door or locker and the Open/Close Magnet on the other side...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Temp Sensor f/Siren 3 [SM-WLS3-TEMP-917]

Temp Sensor for Siren 3Monitor the temperature of the cabin, engine room, bait locker, or fridge. Place the Wireless Module in the area that needs to be monitored, link the module to the Siren 3 Pro, and receive alerts if the temperature exceeds or...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Wiring Cable f/Siren 3 [SM-ACC3-WIRE]

Wiring Cable for Siren 3The Wiring Cable 2 accessory is used to connect additional wired sensor inputs and to also drive additional outputs to your Siren 3 Pro device. Each wire has unique functionality to support the corresponding sensor...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Siren 3 Pro Main Device [SM-S3P-917]

Siren 3 Pro Main DeviceFeatures:Providing the ultimate smart boating experience that keeps you connected to your boat 24/7, regardless of boat size, type or useThe Siren 3 Pro provides the modern boating experience by going beyond basic marine...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex Wireless Zigbee GPS/Tracking Antenna f/Zigboat System [ZB211]

$134.99 $199.00
Wireless Zigbee® GPS/Tracking Antenna for Zigboat™ SystemThe only wireless ZigBee® GPS in the market. Tracks boat location and movement and sends you push  notifications when the boat is out of the set geofence area without...

Albin Pump Marine

Albin Pump Boat Monitor System - 12/24V [01-07-008]

$218.99 $360.71
Boat Monitor System - 12/24VA boat positioning system that provides you with real time data to your smartphone or your computer such as battery status and positioning/tracking alarms if your boat is being moved.Easy to install, suitable for virtually...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat/CamBoat Video Surveillance Camera [GLVS100]

$159.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™/CamBoat™ Video Surveillance CameraCamBoat™ Wi-Fi HD IP security camera allow you to monitor the area remotely wherever you are and at any time via the free App for iOS and Android devices, ensuring security and peace of mind...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Motion Sensor [ZB206]

$134.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™ Motion SensorDetects movements on your boat and immediately communicates it to your mobile device.ZigBoat™ is an innovative ZigBee/WiFi wireless system for monitoring and interacting with your boat either remotely or while on board...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Door/Porthole Sensor [ZB205]

$100.99 $149.00
ZigBoat™ Door/Porthole SensorThe Porthole/Door sensor detects and reports opening and closing of doors and portholes. Easily installed on any door or portholes, it triggers a signal when parted. This lets you know when a room is entered, if a...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Smoke Alarm Sensor [ZB204]

$68.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™ Smoke Alarm SensorYou will be instantly notified of smoke detection fire through an internet-connected gateway. Moreover, the Smoke Alarm Sensor will warn occupants about smoke, using a loud siren. Via ZigBee® communication, the Smoke...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Heat Alarm Sensor [ZB203]

$91.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™ Heat Alarm SensorThe Heat Alarm Sensor detects both rapid heat rise and absolute heat levels, and alerts you if a critical event occurs. It can be installed where smoke or fumes are part of the atmosphere to prevent false alarms. It is...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Flood Sensor [ZB202]

$159.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™ Flood SensorThe ZigBoat™ Bilge Flood Sensor instantly informs you if the boat is taking on water. Moreover, it has a built-in siren that will sound an alarm when water is detected.ZigBoat™ is an innovative ZigBee/WiFi wireless...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Battery Sensor [ZB201]

$134.99 $199.00
ZigBoat™ Battery SensorThe ZigBoat™ Battery Sensor Monitors the battery power bank voltage and sends you push notifications if it drops below a fixed threshold. It works both for 12V and 24V battery power banks.ZigBoat™ is an...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex ZigBoat Gateway [ZB100]

$405.99 $599.00
ZigBoat™ GatewayIt’s the core module of the ZigBoat™ system. Allows the sensors to send push notifications when an event occurs. It’s an open platform that can be integrated with unlimited ZigBoat™ additional sensors and...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine PAM4 Wired DC Relay [SM-ACC-DCRE]

PAM4 Wired DC RelayThe Siren Marine DC Accessory Relay allows users to control any 12v onboard devices, such as A/C, deck or spreader lights, sirens, or strobe lights.Dimensions: 1.5x0.75x1.19in (box) 11.3in (wire)Relay may be energized across a wide...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Wired Magnetic REED Switch [SM-ACC-REED]

Wired Magnetic REED SwitchMagnetic reed switches are used to report unauthorized entry into a main cabin through a door or external hatch. Reed switches can be connected in series to monitor multiple entry points, providing secure protection against...

Siren Marine

Siren Marine Wired Infrared Motion Sensor [SM-ACC-INFR]

Wired Infrared Motion SensorThe Visonic 360 Ceiling Dualtech motion sensor offers robust protection against theft. Simply mount this sensor in a cabin or above the main entryway, and receive notification in the event of unauthorized entry. The...