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Cannon Rod Holder [2450169-1]


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I have some shocking news. It’s time to fulfill your destiny. If you’ve come to this page, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Ever since you were born, you’ve probably had strange things happening to you, all related to electricity. I know how it feels. Maybe sometimes when you touch someone, a tiny current of electricity shoots out of your finger, shocking them. They blame it on the fuzzy sweater and socks you’re wearing as you shuffle across the carpet, but you know it’s something more than that. Maybe sometimes you accidentally electrocute yourself when operating a toaster. You were holding a metal fork, but still. Maybe your hair even stands on end when you’re sensing a particularly powerful current of electricity. Your sister calls it a bad hair day. You call it your “Spidey Sense,” for shock factor. You learned it from Spiderman. In fact, you can’t stop watching “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” over, and over, and over again. The storyline is electrifying. Your mother and father probably tried to explain all these things away when you were a kid. It’s “normal.” Electrocution happens to everyone. Accept it and move on, they would say. But deep down, you knew there was more. You knew there was a reason you were drawn to wall outlets when you were a baby, just as cats are drawn to garbage dumpsters. In fact, it reminds you of Percy Jackson, from “The Lightning Thief.” Or Harry Potter, the wizard with the lightning-shaped scar. Both of those guys had strange encounters when they were kids that led them to their destiny. There’s a reason you dance harder than everyone else when “Electric Slide” comes on, as though empowered by some external sense. Power… it’s your destiny. You came to the right place. We can empower you with our gadgets so you can become more powerful than ever. More power to ya! We carry: accessories, alternators, battery chargers, battery isolators, battery management supplies, busbars, connectors and insulators, charger and converter combos, circuit breakers, DC to DC converters, electrical panels, fuse blocks and fuses, inverters, meters and monitoring, shore power, solar panels, switches and accessories, terminals, tools, wire, and wire management supplies. You’re not power-hungry. You just know what you want, right?

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