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Cannon Rod Holder [2450169-1]


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Imagine a cozy evening with your loved ones. Rain’s pounding on the roof, a fire’s crackling in the fireplace, and it’s your turn to pick the movie for movie night. You select an oldie but a goodie that, just like your favorite wine, offers a complex flavor profile of bold action sequences and subtle sentimental moments that bring a knot to your throat. The plot progresses until it reaches its climax. Just when the main character whispers what is perhaps the most poetic and profound line in all of cinematic history, someone farts loudly. Her vital words are drowned out entirely by the ill-timed burst of flatulence! Perhaps even worse, the room is filled with an odor so noxious that your neighbor has just slumped against your shoulder, completely unconscious. You can’t believe your ears or your nose, and direct your eyes to search out the offending person. Suddenly everyone’s looking around. It’s a classic case of whodunnit. And you had intentionally not selected a mystery film, knowing that your guests have been particularly wearied of late by the mysteries of their own lives! Who could have the gall (literally) to interrupt and ruin such a flawlessly planned movie night! After listening to several hours of fruitless accusations from your guests, the culprit still unidentified, you resolve on dismissing your butler from his position as being the most likely offender. You turn him out of the house as you would a scapegoat, throwing his trunk out into the street after him, making sure your guests are disdainfully observing his disgrace. You climb into your four poster bed hours later, closing the drapes and sullenly sucking on a flask. Where did it all go wrong? you wonder. How could the whole disruption been avoided? Should you hire a new butler? A robotic one with no digestive system? Yes, maybe. But also, louder speakers for your entertainment system wouldn’t have been amiss. A quick Google search leads you to this very website. You discover that it carries entertainment accessories, amplifiers, DVD players, over-the-air TV antennas, satellite receivers and antennas, speakers for home and outdoor, stereos, remotes, subwoofers, and TVs. Sadly you observe (wiping your nose) that it doesn’t carry tissues. You’ll just have to tell your guests it’s BYOT (bring your own tissues) next time.

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