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Over-The-Air TV Antennas

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Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex 10" TV Antenna Only [V9125AGCU/AASY]

$63.99 $109.00
10" TV Antenna OnlyThe V9125AGCU/AASY is the Omni-directional TV antenna renewed in design and performance keeping the essential style that is the ideal solution for any type of boat. It is also characterized by compact dimensions (diameter 250mm /...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex 10" Dome TV Antenna w/Auto Gain Control Mount [V9126AGC]

$123.99 $273.00
10" Dome TV Antenna w/Auto Gain Control & Mount10” TV Antenna Dome with Automatic Gain Control & Nylon Mount (Matches Webboat)The Altair evolves into the Altair AGC to make your life easier with the new and innovative automatic gain...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex 14" TV Antenna Only [V9112/12AASY]

$99.99 $172.00
Glomex 14" TV Antenna Only The Nashira evolves into the Nashira AGC to make your life easier with the new and innovative automatic gain control amplifier.Thanks to this new amplifier, you only have to turn on the TV and the antenna AGC will adjust by...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex 9" Masthead Slip Mount f/TV Antennas [V9173TV]

$23.99 $49.00
9" Stainless Steel Masthead Slip Mount for TV AntennasLifetime WarrantyWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including LEAD which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more...

Glomex Marine Antennas

Glomex Angled Slip Mount f/TV Cellular Internet Devices [V9172]

$22.99 $47.00
Angled Slip Mount for TV Cellular Internet DevicesMicro-fused, electro-polished and hand-polished stainless steel angled slip mount for Nashira TV antennas.The V9172 is a strong Glomex stainless steel mount, developed to perfectly fit the Nashira...


KING Jack Replacement Head - White [OA8300]

$39.99 $49.99
Jack™ Replacement Head - WhiteFeatures:Simple, 5 minute retrofil upgrades Batwing to digital HDGreatly improves UHF reception (80% of all channels)Universal mounting brackets for RV and home useAC to DC power supply included for home use*Poles are...

Digital Yacht

Digital Yacht DTV100 Marine HDTV/FM Antenna [ZDIGDTV100]

$177.99 $219.95
DTV100 Marine HDTV/FM AntennaThe DTV100 HD TV antenna from Digital Yacht allows you to access free digital TV services on board. With a super sensitive design and hi gain amplifier, it sucks in even the weakest of signals. It's omni-directional too so...

Majestic Global USA

Majestic UFO X RV 30dB Digital TV Antenna f/RVs [UFO X RV]

$155.99 $192.89
UFO X RV 300dB Digital TV Antenna for RVsThe UFO X RV is the latest in digital technology and high performance for TV Reception in your caravan, Motohome or RV. It has the highest gain of any TV antenna for its tiny 27cm Diameter. It might be small but...


Shakespeare SeaWatch 15" Marine TV Antenna - 12VDC - 110VAC [3015]

$112.99 $159.95
SeaWatch® 15" Marine TV Antenna - 12VDC - 110VACThe SeaWatch® series of TV antennas are omni-directional over-the-air digital HDTV solutions that bring sleek lines and 360 degrees high-performance coverage to your watercraft. Designed to accept...

Majestic Global USA

Majestic AM/FM/TV Antenna f/RV, Motorhome, Car & Truck [ANTRV01]

$88.99 $129.50
TV/AM/FM Antenna f/RV Motorhome InstallationThe ANTRV01 designed for installations in Car's, RV's or Motorhomes and high Gain reception.The ANTRV01 has been designed for installations that use a metal surface as a ground plane. The main application is...