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Heed the words of your mother and turn a light on before you ruin your eyes… or trip over a bush in the dark and break your femur! But how can you, when you don’t even have light fixtures installed, much less light bulbs to put in them. Take my advice and spare yourself retinal surgery in your 50s. Order some light fixtures and we’ll ship them right to your door. We carry bulbs, dome and down lights, interior and courtesy lights, light bars, navigation lights, pods and cubes, search lights, and underwater lighting. Consider the possibilities. You could put our colored underwater LEDS in your bathtub, and by the time you fill it with bubbles, it’ll look like you’re floating on a luminous cloud. We even have rainbow LEDs you could put in your pool, to help you attract mermaids. Fill it with alligators and watch them fight for hours of free entertainment. Install navigational lighting in your front lawn, and those gnomes will be finding their way to your garden in no time. Just remember to provide enough pickled onions for their welcome feast on your patio or they’ll probably poop in the cocoa puffs in the cabinet while you’re sleeping. Heck, those navigational lights may even help grandpa make it to your front door for the next movie night without breaking his femur. That’s what I call helping two very different creatures navigate your front yard with just one purchase. If you’re having trouble fitting in with all the cool adults (not gnome-related), you might trying putting some of those hanging bare bulbs up in your kitchen. The hipsters will love you, and far from being unable to see because of dim lighting, you might actually be blinded by the dazzling beams filling your kitchen. On second thought, though, the bright light might just make it easier for your mother-in-law to spot the greasy spots on your countertops. And next time those monsters start growling under your bed, reach for your handy dandy floodlight. You’ll never be afraid of the dark again!

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Super Bright Micro Light 5-Pack

The L.E.D. Super Bright Micro Light packs quite a punch for an item so small in size. An ideal key chain because of its size and lightweight, the Super Bright Micro Light fits comfortably in one's pocket. You'll be surprised at how much light this little...