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Berkey Filter Testimonials


Here's what some of our customers have to say about their Berkey Water Filter Systems.

Dennis McCutcheon, MedEquip Missions (A ministry of Helps International Ministries), Asheville, NC

"Just helped supply a team going to Haiti with 24 bottles from 911 Water. I have personally placed thirty plus of these in individual hands and have not had a waterborne illness yet. I know that is a small ''study'', but the one team in Belarus brought their bottles back and they were stained orange due to the sediment in the water in the area they were in for only two weeks."

Dr. Jim White, Samaritan''s Purse, Greenville, NC

"When we went to Kenya we required all of our team to filter the water from the 911water portable water filter bottle even if they thought the water in the hotel looked clean. We told them, ''if there are no clear standards for bottled water in the USA what makes you think the bottled water here in Kenya is any better?'' No one on our team got sick from the water."

Jack Sorg, MD, International Director of Medical Missionary Enlistment, Association of Baptists for World Evangelization (ABWE), Loganville, GA

"Our switch from bottled water to the 911water portable water filter bottle has saved us a great deal of time, money and hassle for our mission teams. Our mission has multiple teams going around the world throughout the year.

In all the teams that I lead, each person is given his own 911water portable water filter bottle before the trip. The bottle filters out all the harmful chemicals, as well as the protozoa (such as amoeba), and the bacteria (such as salmonella). If we are in an area with viral water-born illnesses (such as hepatitis), we just add one drop of iodine to the water and wait 10 minutes before drinking. (I have found that one small bottle of iodine for each team group is enough for the areas with hepatitis problems. The filter also clears that iodine taste as we then filter it for a drink.)

I personally have filled my 911water portable water filter bottle out of village cisterns, rivers (the Amazon River for example), and even from totally unknown sources as a guest in a village home. In village work especially, we are constantly being offered food and water. We cannot totally refuse their hospitality, and so gladly accept the water. We pour the water into our 911water portable water filter bottle and drink it. No one on my teams, who has used the bottle exclusively for their drinking water, even for brushing their teeth, has gotten dysentery.

The bottle has saved me, as team leader, a great headache in planning enough bottled water for the overall trip, and correct quantities for each side trip. Every person has his own bottle, and keeps it refilled as needed.

Now our mission has purchased quantities of the 911water portable water filter bottle (lots of several hundred), which brings down the cost, and then has added the small cost on to that of the trip for each participant. We put the person''s name inside the plastic lid; and the team leader carries an extra in case one is lost. Interestingly, no one has lost one in my last 6 trips. Very quickly everyone learns to keep track of their precious water bottle."

Sarah Barry, General Secretary, University Bible Fellowship Mission, Chicago, Illinois

"When I traveled to North Korea last April 2002 with a team from the Christian Friends of Korea I first became acquainted with the 911water portable water filter bottle. I was amazed to find that the bottle worked. I drank water from the hotel spigot, filtering it through the bottle and had no problem. When I returned to our University Bible Fellowship Mission Headquarters in Chicago, I contacted you and ordered 25 bottles. My staff and I have been using them extensively. I personally traveled to India, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, and Russia. I drank water freely, filling and refilling my bottle again and again. I gave 911water portable water filter bottle to our staff who traveled to Sudan, Lebanon, Israel, Syria, and Jordan. They also had no problems drinking water filtered through the bottle. We sent one team to Mongolia last year. I forgot to equip them with 911water portable water filter bottle and they both got sick. Some of our medical personal looked with skepticism at the bottle. It seems to be too simple. But it works! I recommend anyone traveling in a country where the water is not save to take a 911water portable water filter bottle along."

Dr. Dick Day, Greenville, NC (USA)

"I was introduced to your water filter by Samaritan''s Purse several years ago. Since then I have taken one with me anytime I have traveled out of the U.S. It is small, lightweight and packs easily into any suitcase. In places such as Nicaragua and Kenya I have felt perfectly safe drinking the water because the filter works exactly as advertised. I haven''t been sick a single time since I started using the 911water portable water filter bottle.

Recently I bought a couple of bottles for a missionary couple heading for Belarus. The first thing they said when they arrived back in the U.S. was ''Thank God for the water filter''. I have also given them to other missionaries as a going-away gift and they have all been very appreciative. The 911water portable water filter bottle is durable, lasts for a long time and is quite practical.

I also want to thank you, Brent, for being so easy to work with. Every time I have called to order one of your products you have returned my call promptly and in person. I intend to recommend a filter to all of our youth groups who travel to Mexico each year on mission trips."

Jim Moore, Biomedical Technician for Samaritan's Purse, Boone, NC

"While installing medical equipment and a UPS power system in a remote community in North Korea during 1999, we resided in a room in the hospital we were working in. The only water source was two metal basins that we washed ourselves and then rinsed in. I used the 911water portable water filter bottle and filtered the rinse water we had been cleansing ourselves in all week. Not only did I remain healthy, the water tasted good. Since that trip I carry two 911water portable water filter bottle with me to all parts of the globe. I even use it on ''filtered'' water offered me in restaurants."

Carol Stahnke, Homeowner, Spokane, WA

"I purchased the British Berkefield ''Big Berky'' in the fall of 1999. I am very happy with this water filtration system. The reason I purchased the Big Berky was this: shortly after moving to Spokane, I began noticing this water filter in the homes of friends. I began asking questions about it. The information I was given was all positive, so I figured the best word of mouth advertising is your friends because friends won''t steer you wrong. I called and ordered the nice stainless unit. I absolutely love this unit and wouldn''t be without it. Also, another friend who has a private well, purchased the ''Big Berky'' and also loves the way her water tastes. Prior to that, she wouldn''t drink her water as it was heavy in iron."

Lauranne Harris, MD, Medical Director, 4HIM, Oklahoma City, OK (USA)

"We have just sent a full team to Belize equipped with your bottles and another team to Ukraine. I also am equipping several missionaries in Russia with them, and will be using them on a trip that I take in July to Russia including Siberia.

One of the attractive aspects of using these bottles is that they allow us to receive the hospitality of the people we are serving in these countries and to drink what they serve us without worrying about becoming ill.After all, it is important to show people that we accept and love them and sharing fellowship at the table is an important building block in new relationships. Truly it gives us a sense of peace and protection about what we are drinking so that we can focus on the work at hand. Anytime you can avoid illness or injury altogether, it is better than having to treat the problem.

Not having to transport water (heavy and difficult), purchase water (expensive) is a real advantage--we really do save money. Also, the personal size bottles put the responsibility for safe drinking in each individual team member''s hands. Even in the middle of the night, I can know that everyone has the ability to drink clean water.

You are a real blessing and it is a joy partnering with you in the Lord''s work."

Tom Camp, M.D., General Co-ordinator, Alabama Honduran Medical/Educational Network (AHMEN), Jasper, AL (USA)

"Just a note to tell you how much the Berkey meant to our Honduran Medical/Educational Teams. We have been going to Honduras for 6 years, and we usually have 10% to 50% of our team incapacitated by "Montezuma''s Revenge" by the time the mission is over. Since we started taking your Berkey we have had no one, repeat no one, sick with the GI Bug. I also want to personally thank you for your wonderful follow up and service."

From Lars Wetter and Family from Guatemala.

Dear 911water,

I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate your fast service and incredible products. I have been looking to buy the Berkey light on the internet for some time now and found you to be the only company with the ability to deliver world wide.


The Berkey light has become part of our daily life here in Guatemala where waterborne illnesses are a major concern and now we can not imagine living without it. In fact, I would be very interested in distributing your products in this part of the world because I am convinced that it could improve many peoples health situation and even save lives.


Before discovering the Berkey we were concerned for our son?s health even though we were very careful where we bought our water. This is no longer an issue and on top of this we even save money and time filtering our own water.

Thank you very much,

Lars Wetter

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