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Well Water Filters

If your water is drawn out of a well rather than from a municipal water source, you must take additional precautions to make sure that your water is safe for drinking, washing, and bathing. Rather than using an in-line filter, it is recommended that you utilize a multi-stage filter system.


Sediment in Well Water

The initial concern with well water is that it typically contains more sediment and turbidity than city tap water. This sediment can affect the taste of the water, can diminish the effectiveness of household appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers, can reduce the ability of the water to act as a cleansing agent for bathing or washing food, and if you use a water filter, it can reduce the life of the water filter.

Pre-filters Remove Sediment

Prefilters are your solution for removing sediment from well-water. A prefilter is a filter that is typically disposable or cleanable that removes the majority of the sediment from the water prior to encountering the primary filter. Pre-filters alone will not remove all contaminants from well water, but they extend the life and increase the effectiveness of the primary filter.

Primary Filters

Primary filters remove from the water what a city tap water filter would normally remove - Chlorine, bad tastes and odors, bacteria and other micro-biological contaminants, and heavy metals such as lead, mercury, or arsenic.

Specialty Filters

Some areas have especially high concentrations of specific naturally occurring minerals or artificial contaminants such as chemicals from agricultural or industrial pollution.

Iron & Sulfur

Iron and sulfur are minerals that are often found in high concentrations in well water. Iron is a healthy minerals, but when dissolved in water it can give water a disagreeable metallic or bitter taste, and can make the water unsuitable for cooking, as well as leaving reddish-brown stains on sinks, toilets, bathtups, and laundry. Sulfur comes in the form of hydrogen sulfide in water causes a 'rotten egg' smell that is unpleasant, and in high concentrations it can be corrosive or even flammable and poisonous.

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