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Drinking Lots Of Water Healthy


The question, “Is drinking lots of water healthy?” is an excellent one that goes right to the heart of the matter – literally! Drinking adequate water on a daily basis aids both the digestive and circulatory systems. The blood works more efficiently at carrying important nutrients and oxygen, and the elimination system has the right levels of water to enhance the waste removal processes. Kidneys need water to flush body wastes in the form of urine, and the bowels need water to promote regular elimination.


A water deficiency can cause a host of physical problems. When the body is even lightly dehydrated, the symptoms can include fatigue and headaches. Lack of adequate water can also cause back or muscle pain. Hunger pains are often an indication the body needs water, not food.

The answer to many physical ailments is drinking lots of water. Healthy people already know this fact, which explains the surge in bottled water production and the addition of water filtration systems in homes. Healthy skin, cushioned joints, adequate sweating, and increased energy levels are partially achieved through drinking water. Athletes who must have high endurance levels drink plenty of water to maintain body temperatures and insure proper muscle functioning.


One easy solution to the prevention and elimination of common health problems is drinking lots of water. Healthy bodies use all the water you drink to its benefit, unlike sodas or even milk. Water has no sodium and no fat for the body to store. Water is needed by so many systems in the body, that some health advisors have raised the minimum recommendations for daily water intake to 12 cups a day instead of 8.

The question, “Is drinking lots of water healthy?” gets a resounding, “Yes!” as the answer. The single largest component in the body is water. Everyone’s body is composed of at least 70% water so no wonder water is critically important. Even the brain is made up of 75% water which is why dehydration causes headaches.

Because the answer to many problems is drinking lots of water, healthy intake levels of water on a routine basis can forestall many water related issues. You should adjust your water consumption levels to fit your circumstances. For example, people who live in hot climates and sweat a lot should drink more water to replace the moisture lost through perspiration. People who are ill often need more water to promote system functioning.

You should make drinking plenty of daily water an automatic function you do almost without thought. That means water becomes an integral part of your dietary plan. Keep plenty of water around no matter if you are at work, home or play. Keeping water handy serves as a reminder that an important life rule is drinking lots of water. Healthy lifestyles dictate integrating more water in your life on a routine basis.

When you consider all the reasons for drinking water it becomes crystal clear that water is the very essence of life. All bodily systems need water to function properly. Your body temperature is maintained using water. Joints, metabolism, energy level, spine condition, circulatory system, digestion, waste elimination and kidney health are just a few of the body functions that need water to stay healthy and balanced.

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