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Drinking Water Treatment Cost

Naturally, drinking water treatment cost is passed on to the consumer through the water bill. If you understand the health benefits you get from the treatment process though, there should be no argument over the price. Purified water is worth every penny, because the alternative is probable development of disease or illness from drinking contaminated water.


Water treatment plants have had to try and develop highly sophisticated treatment systems that must purify water possibly having dozens of contaminants. There can be metals, micro-organisms, parasites, minerals, fertilizers, chemicals, and many other compounds and materials in the water. Any one them could make you sick, and exposure to multiple contaminants multiplies the risk. Not all municiapalities have the money that making these expensive upgrades cost. That means that it is possible and probable that your tap water contains contaminanats that could be harmful to your health. Take some precautions. We recommend a gravity water purifiacation system that works without electricity. (hyperlink to 911water-water filter systems page)

Drinking water treatment cost varies widely from plant to plant. Many different factors can affect how much is spent on purifying water. For one thing, the choice of water filtering technologies can impact cost, with newer membrane filters costing more than traditional filters. But one fact is true across the board: chlorine is the least expensive treatment for drinking water.

Chlorine is used in virtually every municipal treatment plant because it is easy to get, inexpensive and highly effective as a disinfectant. Chlorine is also easy to use and requires no energy. Drinking water treatment cost will be higher when membrane filtering is used because it requires energy to force the water through the filter. Chlorine is essentially just poured into the water in a manner no different from that used to keep a swimming pool clean.

What is becoming increasingly clear to researchers is that Chlorine and it’s byprodcts have a detrimental effect on our health. We’ve devoted a section to this issue because it is an important and avoidable problem with new state of the art mixed media ceramic filtration elements such as those used in gravity type water filters.

The cost of building new water treatment plants can be prohibitive. A treatment plant must cover the cost of the equipment and buildings, land, salaries, utilities and purifying agents. Deciding to build a water treatment plant can be a difficult decision for a small community, but every location needs purified water for health reasons.


The proliferation of home filtering systems has resulted in drinking water treatment cost that varies widely. The simpler filtering systems such as charcoal filters naturally cost less than more complicated distillers. But a higher cost does not necessarily equate to a higher level of effectiveness. It all depends on what you need to treat in your water, so paying more for the wrong filtering system gets you nowhere.

You can choose a point-of-use or point-of-entry water treatment system for your home. The drinking water treatment cost to you will depend on the filter size and technology. But once the system is installed, the cost of treating your water at home is pennies. In most cases, the maintenance cost of the treatment systems is the cost of replacement filters.

If you use a private well or water source, the drinking water treatment cost will include the need to pay for private water testing. The cost of the testing can run from hundreds of dollars to thousands. The cost is dependent on the number and kinds of tests you need done on your water sample. The test is only good for the water tested. Water conditions vary and what may not be in your water one day may be in it the next. Here is some more extensive information about water testing that may keep you from spending money unnecessarily

Taking care of the water supply requires communities to have well-maintained water treatment plants. In addition, homeowner should invest in a home filtering system that removes harsh chemicals and contaminants not eliminated by the treatment plant. Make certain that the system you use is able to filter out more than just sediment. Filters vary greatly in their ability to provide pure and safe water to your household. Check out our recommendations here. Between the two filtering systems, the water you drink should be clear and safe.

The cost of water keeps going up as expenses rise, but there is no getting around the fact that clean water is one of life''s necessities. Whatever you do to provide safe drinking water to your household we encourage you not to use bottled water as a substitute. It is an extremely poor choice. If you want to know why we feel so strongly about it go to this page.


We’ve found that the most efficient, cost effective, low maintenance, longest lasting system of water treatment is a gravity fed water purification system.. It’s what we use and recommend for you and your loved ones.

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