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Drinking Water Treatment Methods

Treating the water coming to your house is an important part of keeping your household in good health and free from the effects of waterborne contamination.

Many people consider water that is clear and fresh tasting to be healthy but that is not always the case. Although many contaminants have a taste and/or odor, many do not. Microscopic pathogens, for example, survive very well in the seemingly clean, cold water of mountain streams.

Treating water for every known contamiant is not practicle but filters are available that will remove over 99% of the most common contaminants. The mixed media Ceramic filter used in gravity water filtration systems do an excellent job and work without electricity, providing you with water even in a blackout. They are an excellent choice for everyday use as a second line of defense and are the perfect choice for use during any emergency, whether natural or man-made.


  • Safety
  • Clarity
  • Taste and odor
  • Usabilty (convenience)
  • Quantity of water needed
  • Ease of installation,
  • Ease of maintainance,
  • Life expectancy,
  • Costs of purchase,
  • Cost of Installation,
  • Cost of maintainence

Will you filter all the water coming into the house?
Will you use it to provide just drinking and cooking water?
One or all of the above categories of water treatment issues may be a concern in your home or workplace. Determining which water treatment method will work best for you will depend on which issues you believe are most important.

Doubts about the safety of your water revolve around the potential that your water may contain:

Microbial pathogens such as: cysts, bacteria, viruses, protozoans,
Risidual disinfectants such as chlorine or chloramine,
Disinfection byproducts such as triholmethanes,
Heavy metals such as lead or mercury,
Nitrates or organic compounds (VOC´s)
Clarity - Cloudy water (turbidity) is not very appealing, even if it is safe to drink.
Most often the cause of cloudines is the suspension of particulates in the water.
Taste and Odor -Because drinking an adequate ammount of water is essential to good health, having a source of good tasting water is important.

Contaminants that affect the taste and odor of water include:

  • chlorine
  • Sulpher
  • mineral content
  • MTBE
  • Usability

The ability to use water to maintain a clean and healthy home may be an important lifestyle issue. High mineral content in the water is the reason water seems hard, is difficult to wash with and leaves residue on the surfaces it dries on. A high qulity water softener may be the only good solution to extreme hardness.

Water treatment methods

Very often the most common sense approach to protecting your family and giving them the best water possible involves a combination of disinfection and filtering methods. The practicality of these methods will depend on your situation.

Mixed media ceramic filters,
Boiling water,
Reverse osmosis,
Fiber Sediment filters,
Ceramic sediment filters,
Granulated Carbon Filters,
Solid block carbon filters,
Ultraviolet light,
Ion exchange,
Water softeners,
Chemical disinfectants

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