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Home Owners & Families

Personal health awareness is on the increase. People are paying closer attention to nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles. An important aspect of healthy living is access to quality drinking water.

Recent news stories have documented the increasing level of contaminants, odors and chlorine in municipal water supplies across the nation, resulting in water that not only tastes bad but may be bad for your health.

For more information on public water supply hazards, follow the Water Facts & Reports link at the top of this page.

British Berkefeld has been providing safe, good tasting drinking water for over 140 years.

Because British Berkefelds can process any fresh water source into safe, good tasting drinking water, they have become a popular choice with families, home owners and individuals who are health conscious.

The compact, portable size of the British Berkefeld water filter and its gleaming stainless steel construction is perfect for kitchen counter tops.

British Berkefeld customers enjoy immediate benefits from their filter including the peace of mind that comes from knowing their drinking water is safe as well as good tasting. Here are some of the benefits of owning and using a British Berkefeld water filter:

  • Safer drinking water
  • Better tasting water
  • Cleaner water with less suspended contaminants customers made these comments:

"In fact, as I write, I''m drinking my very first cup of java which was made with water filtered from the Berkey. I must say, it is by far the best cup of coffee I''ve ever had. I have already told several people about my new filtration system, so hopefully, after I serve coffee to my friends and family, they too will be hooked on your system."

"I received the order the very next day! I was blown away with the service. Thanks a million...I have already put the Big Berkey into service and I LOVE it...the water is awesome."

"I have 2 lovely gallons of pure, new water waiting for my morning coffee, etc. Thank You."

"Our home has well water and I really didn''t think using the Berkey on our drinking water would make a difference. To my surprise it has made a very big difference. The water noticeably tastes better and is much cleaner looking. The kids won''t hardly drink water from the tap any longer."

"We are sure glad we have our Berkefeld. It really filters out the chlorine. We can smell the bad odor of the chlorine in the top container of the Berkefeld where the dirty water goes. However, there is no smell or bad taste of chlorine in the bottom container after the tap water has been filtered. It''s great!"


For family members on the go!

People on the go can now take safe, good tasting water no matter where their busy schedules take them.

The Clearbrook Water Filtration Bottle is the perfect companion for trips to the shopping mall, soccer field or on the desk at the office.

Light weight, convenient and very portable, the Clearbrook Water Filtration bottle will accept fresh water from any source available. A gentle squeeze of the bottle ushers forth a stream of clear, safe drinking water.

"Our kids use the Clearbrook water bottles all the time for school and ballgames. Who knows what else is in the water besides the chlorine that we don''t have to worry about because of the great job these bottles do. Very seldom do our children leave home without them."

During a trade show in the Midwest one couple came up to 911 Water''s booth and related their story about the Clearbrook water bottles:

"Our kids were thirsty at the trade show but they would not drink the water from the fountain. They said it smelled and tasted yucky. We were very surprised when you handed us a Clearbrook water bottle and encouraged us to let our kids fill it up from the water fountain. We discovered it solved the problem immediately. We need six for our entire family."


Whether it is safe and good tasting drinking water on the kitchen counter top or for family members on the go, offers laboratory and field tested water filtration products that are of the highest quality, guaranteed safety and offer the needed peace of mind for today''s health conscious families

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