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Mission Field Water Filtration


Water Filters for Missionaries & Mission Agencies

Water filters help missionaries stay healthy and effective, removing the distractions of illnesses arising from waterborne diseases. 911water is passionate about helping missionaries and mission agencies with water filters and water filtration. We help both short-term and long-term missionaries.

Missionaries have to stay healthy. A sick missionary does no one any good. One of the BIGGEST factors in determining whether a missionary is healthy is the quality of their drinking water. 911water has been helping missionaries around the world stay healthy by providing them with water purifiers for over 12 years now, with great results! Just read these testimonials!

What missionaries are saying about our Water Bottles & Berkey Water Purifiers

    • “When we went to Kenya we required all of our team to filter the water from the Personal Water Filter Bottle. No one on our team got sick from the water.”–Samaritan’s Purse

    • “I have personally placed thirty plus of these in individual hands and have not had a waterborne illness yet.”–MedEquip Missions

    • “Our switch from bottled water to the Personal Water Filter Bottle has saved us a great deal of time, money & hassle. No one on my teams who has used the bottle exclusively for their drinking water has gotten dysentery.”–ABWE

    • “One of the attractive aspects of using these bottles is that they allow us to receive the hospitality of the people we are serving in these countries and to drink what they serve us without worrying about becoming ill. Not having to transport water (heavy and difficult), purchase water (expensive) is a real advantage– we really do save money. Also, the personal size bottles put the responsibility for safe drinking in each individual team member''s hands. Even in the middle of the night, I can know that everyone has the ability to drink clean water.”–4HIM

  • “Thank you so much! We are Christian missionaries working in an area that gets its water directly from a dirty river. I have a fairly good water filter system that uses ultra-violet light at the end of the process, but I still don''t trust it. The water is never quite clear. I have four children and don''t like the idea of having doubts about the water source they drink from. We also work with a school with 100 children and have a young growing church. There is lots that could be done in countries like Honduras. Although most people are poor and could not afford one there are a lot of people who do have money and buy bottled water, which is the most common and popular way people get drinking water in the cities. I will show my co-workers your filter and see if they want to order one as well.”

Berkeys are on duty right now guarding the drinking water of mission families in 150 countries around the globe. The guaranteed safe water output combined with the flexibility of types of water that can be filtered has made the Berkey product line number one in the mission field.

Why are Berkey Water Purifiers so popular with missionaries?

  1. They don't require electricity or water pressure, and no chemicals.
  2. They are extremely convenient and portable. (unlike bottled water)
  3. They are very economically priced (ask about our great missionary discounts)
  4. Most of all, they are very trustworthy and reliable

Where are Berkey Water Purifiers used?

Whether it is safe water for the home, mission school or on the go, offers laboratory and field tested water filtration products that are of the highest quality, guaranteed safety and offer peace of mind.

They have been used by hundreds of missionaries, but in case you weren’t aware of them, I would like to invite you to find out more about them and encourage you to utilize them. They are appropriate for several purposes:

  • For short-term missions teams
  • For long-term missionaries & national ministers
  • For disaster relief and community development
  • For Business As Missions dealerships

Shipping ships Berkey Water Purifiers to locations around the globe. Please contact us for a quote on shipping charges to a specific location.

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