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Water Filtration for Campers RVer's

The popularity of exploring America''s National Parks and vacationing in the great outdoors has increased steadily over the past two decades. More and more individuals and families are spending their vacation and recreation time in Recreational Vehicles [RV''s], camping, hiking and backpacking.

Good preparation and planning are essential to a successful trip. Providing a sufficient supply of safe drinking and cooking water is an important aspect of a well planned camping or hiking trip.



RV''s, Pop-up Campers, Camping

British Berkefeld has been providing safe drinking water in wilderness locations for over 140 years.


In fact, the dependability and flexibility of British Berkefeld''s have made them the number one choice with missionaries around the world.

Because British Berkefelds can process any fresh water source into safe, good tasting drinking water, they have become a popular choice for RV''s and camping expeditions.

The compact, portable size of the British Berkefeld water filters is perfect for RV''s, pop-up campers, trailers and tent camping. The stainless steel construction is great for cleaning before storage until the next trip. ships British Berkefelds to locations around the globe. Please contact for shipping charges to a specific location.


Hiking, Backpacking, Walk-Abouts

Hikers & backpackers need a supply of safe drinking water that follows them and a source that is easily replenished.


The Clearbrook Water Filtration Bottle is the perfect companion for brief or extended journeys. Light weight, convenient and very portable, the Clearbrook Water Filtration bottle will accept fresh water from any source. A gentle squeeze of the bottle ushers forth a stream of clear, safe drinking water.

A Midwest hiker and camper offered this story about her Clearbrook Water Filter Bottle.

"Every summer a group of friends and I go to Gardan Island in Lake Michigan for a long camping and hiking weekend. The island is very remote and is accessible only by a four hour boat trip. In addition to our regular supplies we brought one day''s water ration and our Clearbrook water filter bottle. The island has a gasoline engine pump that pumps water from Lake Michigan into a filtration system.

After we arrived on the island we discovered that the bladder on the pump was broken and there was no way to force lake water through the filtration system. We used our Clearbrook bottle to filter lake water for TEN people for THREE days. We''d just fill the bottle and squeeze it into empty gallon containers. It worked great and no one got sick from the lake water. Thanks.


Whether it is safe water for the campsite, RV or hikers on the go, offers laboratory and field tested water filtration products that are of the highest quality, guaranteed safety and offer the needed peace of mind for today''s new wilderness explorers.

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