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Water News

One Third of Bottled Water Contains Contaminants

Saying consumers should know what they''re drinking, environmentalists and the East Bay Municipal Utility District want bottled water to follow the same disclosure rules as tap water.

Gas Additive MTBE Poses Choice: Clean Air or Clean Water?

MTBE, a widely used gasoline additive that makes cars burn cleaner, has posed a cruel dilemma: It''s making the air cleaner, but it''s polluting the water.

Studies Suggest Millions of Americans Could Get Sick Each Year

There''s no telling precisely how many Americans get sick each year from drinking bad water. But it is safe to say there are a lot more of them than anyone knows about.

Powerful New Pollutants Imperil Drinking Water Supply

Today, water system operators are battling a host of new threats, from heartier bacteria to increasingly toxic industrial pollutants, pesticides and fertilizers.

Lax Oversight Raises Tap Water Risks

"Each day, millions of Americans turn on their taps and get water that exceeds legal limits for dangerous contaminants. Millions more get water that isn''t treated or tested properly, so there''s no telling if it''s clean."

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