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Cannon Rod Holder [2450169-1]


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Custom CMS Block



Winterize your boat and get her ready for the long hibernation with our wide selection of winterizing supplies! As every proud boat-owner knows, it’s not just bears that hibernate for the winter. Boats do too! Prepare your vessel properly beforehand and she won’t wake up grumpy and in need of repairs in the spring. It’s essential to get your vessel ship-shape before the temperature drops. Here’s what can happen if you don’t winterize your boat… Water trapped inside your vessel can expand and contract when it freezes and thaws, cracking your equipment. Unchanged oil sitting in your engine can cause corrosion. Batteries that haven’t been prepped for winter can suffer a decrease in life and charge capacity. And vessels that aren’t properly ventilated can develop mold, mildew, and rot. Imagine preparing for an afternoon out on the water in the spring and realizing that your engine is gummed up, your hardware is cracked, your plumbing is shot, your batteries are weak, and your cabin is stinky because a family of mold spores decided to move in over the winter! Think of your boat like a baby (we all know she’s still your baby). Change her diaper, get her cleaned up, wrap her up tight, and put her down for a long winter nap. “But how do I change my boat’s diaper?!” you might be wondering. We’ve got two suggestions for you: check the Youtube and get the right tools. We carry de-icers, heaters and dehumidifiers, water flushing systems, supplies for battery management and cleaning, and oil change systems for the motor-- everything you need to winterize your boat. We even carry winter covers so you can wrap up your boat like a little baby and put her down for a long nap. Treat her right, and she’ll be ready to play when she wakes up in the spring.

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